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With competition for mindshare and eyeballs being what it is, and people seeking and distributing information while on the go, organizations of all types and sizes are recognizing the necessity of having a mobile presence. With our modular mobile development platform and application development expertise, we can make your organization’s mobile site a quality experience for the viewer, and do so at an appealing level of investment on your part. Please take a few minutes and get electronically acquainted with us. Then, if you have any questions or would like to discuss how we could work together to provide you with the mobile image you desire, contact us, and let’s get personally acquainted.

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LaViaz Mobile offers:

  • iPhone™/iPod Touch™/iPad™ application development
  • Android™ application development
  • Windows Mobile 7™ application development
  • Mobile Web application development
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Mobile Content Distribution

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